Win Place Show Lottery

Win Place Show lottery, a new type of lottery which was presented in the US, is about to expand its platform onto other sports categories, besides horse betting. Register now at Equilottery to play it.

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Win Place Show lottery

Win Place Show by Equilottery

Equilottery, the company which pioneered the original Win Place Show game, has now been rebranded into EquiLottery Games. The new and expanded version of this game will include other sports events like baseball, football, golf, basketball, soccer, hockey and stock car racing. Keep reading our review below to find out more about this game and if there is a Win Place Show promo code.

Win Place Show Bet Calculator

This is how this new type of lottery works: a player needs to choose three numbers where each number represents a horse in the Horse Racing game.

Win Place Show LotteryWin Place Show Bet Calculator
The order of numbers is correct.1st Prize
Numbers are not guessed in the correct order.2nd Prize
Numbers are not guessed in the correct order.3rd Prize

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The Win Place Show bet calculator works like this: If the player gets all three numbers in the correct order at the end of the race, depending on the place in the particular horse racing event, they win the first prize; however, if the numbers are not guessed in the correct order, they win the second prize, etc.

For more details and the correct amount of each prize, but also about the Win Place Show payouts, you can visit the Win Place Show Lotto website and click on the How it works page.

Win Place Show Bet Calculator

By getting the latest prizes for each Win Place Show result, you can form your own Win Place Show bet calculator and figure out the best combination for yourself.

Keep in mind that this expanded platform will be launched on a trial basis by the Kentucky Lottery sometime in March of 2019.

It is probably a good idea to revisit this review sometime in the future as we will keep you updated with the latest changes coming from this brand. By that time we might even get more information regarding the Win Place Show promo code.

What Is a Win Place Show Bet?

In order to better understand this specific type of lottery game and the opportunities that come with it, we have decided to bring you some frequently asked questions and answers that can help you better understand the concept of this sports lottery platform.

How much is a $2 Win Place Show bet?

At the current rates, which can be found on their site, the $2 Win Place Show bet can get you the first prize of $250 – $1,800 depending on whether you choose the 8 or 14 horses game. Horse racing odds don’t affect these prizes. (T&C Apply).

Kentucky Derby Win Place Show tickets: where / when to buy them?

Players can purchase their $2 Quick Pick tickets at their local Win Place Show lottery retailer during the working hours. Soon you will be able to enjoy regular Kentucky derby while playing this specific type of a lottery game and guess the correct Kentucky derby results.

Is there a Win Place Show Promo Code online?

At the moment of writing this article, there is no information regarding the Win Place Show promo code for this particular lottery game. We hope that the operator will include such kind of promotion in the future as it would help the new players on the platform a lot.

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How to Bet on Horses?

Horse betting is similar to betting on other sports categories when it is done with the regular type of bookmaker. Players usually need to find the exact horse racing event and choose between different types of bets.

They can, most of the time, choose the winner of the combination or the first three positions in the horse race.

Of course, the horse betting odds are higher if there are more predictions on your ticket then just choosing who will win the race.

Horse Betting Odds

Choosing the right horse betting odds depends on which operator you decide to go with.

Different horse racing operators provide their players with different odds.

You can choose the right one for you by reading online reviews and getting advice from more experienced players.

Conclusion on Win Place Show lottery game

We really like the whole concept of merging sports events with lottery games.

Win Place Show seems to be bringing the whole lottery industry to another level with their expansion to the other sports categories.

Their players are eager to see how will the implementation of this game work on sports like basketball which differ from standard horse racing games.

We are also looking forward to seeing this operator introduce the Win Place Show promo code sometime in the future.

As we mentioned earlier, you should definitely stay tuned on to get the latest updates on this brand and any future promotions that they might come up with.

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