MegaLotto is entering the online lottery scene

MegaLotto, the loto betting start-up is joining forces with GiG (Gaming Innovation Group), a well-known iGaming software provider. The partnership between two big names always sounds promising!

Continue to read our review and discover what to expect from the new operator in the world of online lottery.

MegaLotto is going live

It has been announced recently that GiG and MegaLotto tend to offer odds on international lottery draws and casino games in different markets. The exact date of the launch of the website is still unknown. However, these two companies claim that we can expect the new online platform in mid-2019.

According to the reputation these two brands have in the gaming industry, we can expect a pleasant, fair, reliable and cutting-edge user experience.

Until now, GiG has been covering different areas of iGaming except lottery. By adding lottery to the range of the games it covers, the company is definitely becoming a global full-service provider.

On the other hand, MegaLotto itself recognized in GiG the right partner who can help them take a significant place in the fast-growing industry. What could MegaLotto offer to their players once the website goes live? Continue to read our article and find out!

MegaLotto Welcome Offer

Since the website is still not live, we can’t actually give out the details of any potential promotional offer. In fact, once the website is launched and ready to use, the brand itself will disclose details of the offers. For the time being, we can just anticipate what types of bonuses MegaLotto could provide according to our experience in the world of online gaming.

Usually, when a certain gaming operator launches a website, the next step is to attract new users. The competition is big, so all these operators need an efficient method to stand out of the crowd. Enticing welcome offers are the right way of showing that the operator cares about its players.

That’s why once MegaLotto’s website is launched, we hope to see different types of bonuses that could make your gaming experience even more enjoyable. There are different types of welcome bonuses, but the no-deposit and initial deposit match bonus are among the most popular ones.

Don’t forget that every offer comes with a list of terms and conditions that you must meet in order to unlock the bonus and any winnings obtained from it. It is important to say as well that sometimes these offers require a special code that is needed if you want to qualify for the offer.

Will There be MegaLotto Bonus Code?

It remains to be seen what this lotto operator prepares for us. It’s highly possible that welcome offer requires a certain MegaLotto Bonus Code. In that case, you need to enter it upon registration since the code activates the promotion.

Usually, there’s a special field in the registration form where you need to enter the code. For instance, while registering at MegaLotto, if there is a certain MegaLotto Bonus Code, you’ll find a special field named “MegaLotto Bonus Code” where you must enter the code.

The Registration Procedure

The registration procedure should be simple and straighforward like it usually is on online gaming platforms. In order to open an account, just follow these instructions:

  1. Visit MegaLotto.
  2. Click on the button and start the sign-up procedure.
  3. Enter your personal data.
  4. Enter the Mega Lotto Bonus code if applicable.
  5. Submit your application

Customer Service

The quality of customer service shows how much the operator cares about its customers. There are different ways of reaching the customer support team. However, among the most frequent ones we can find:

  • Email
  • Telephone
  • Live Chat
  • FAQ

Live Chat is possibly the most convenient option because through the chat you can reach the team support 24 hours 7 days a week and you can get an instantaneous answer.

The FAQ section can also be very helpful because it allows you to explore different subjects and be well-informed. You can see all the important questions regarding your account, payment options, games, terms and conditions, etc.

Final Thoughts on MegaLotto

Like we have already said, we still expect the launch of MegaLotto. For the time being, we can just anticipate how it’s going to look like. However, once the site is ready to use we’ll take a closer look at it and come back to you with precise information.

Make sure to visit soon this review again and check for new updates!