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About Equilottery

Equilottery, a pioneer in live sport lotteries, gives users the opportunity to play a lottery game based on the results of live horse racing events. The site gained a large amount of traction in the recent past and is expected to grow in size in 2019 by providing a number of new promotions which may require a Equilottery Promo Code.

The main life blood of the Equilottery platform is a game of chance they developed named Win Place Show. The game was launched in 2014 and has gained much success in the following years, becoming a pioneering force in the live sports lottery genre. As a live sports game of pure chance Win Place Show is protected by US and Canadian patents, allowing the game to be played legally in the US.

EquiLottery is set to offer a series of products and services that allow its games to be accessed in a plug-and-play format through mobile application for both iOS and Android devices. It is expect that the Win Place Show Mobile App will launch during summer of 2019.

To learn more about Equilottery and any possible Equilottery Promo Code Bonuses read the full review found below.

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You can find all the Equilottery bonus details in the table below.

Probable Equilottery Welcome Bonus *T&Cs ApplyTBA
First Deposit BonusX
Extra TicketsX
Extra ChancesX
Equilottery Promo CodeTBA

While Equilottery has not announced any promotional bonuses the site is expected to come out with some promotional incentives such as a Welcome Bonus in the future. A Welcome Bonus is likely to come in the form a match bonus on a user’s first deposit on the site or with second chance drawings for racing and non-racing related prizes such as VIP racetrack experiences and gift cards at retailers.

Be sure to keep an eye out here and on the Equilottery site for any upcoming promotional offers, as there is a good chance that a Equilottery Promo Code will be required to be entered on registration to activate a Welcome Bonus Offer.

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Win Place Show

Win Place Show is the main live sports lottery game provided by Equilottery. The way the game works is quite simple:

  • Users must purchase tickets that gives them three numbers which correspond to horses names as well as the designated race time and other key racetrack information. Each ticket is priced at $2.
  • Since the numbers are given to users using a Random Number Generator, users will not be directly betting on horses but rather using a luck based lottery system to pick winners. This allows Win Place Show to be an incorruptible lottery game since the results are based on an unpredictable event.

Cash prizes are given out in the following format:

  • Exact Match All Three Numbers – $250 – $1,800
  • Match All Three Numbers Any Order – $10 – $80
  • Match Two Numbers Exact – A Free Ticket

*The cash prize amounts listed above are estimated for field sizes between 8 and 14 horses.

  • The horse racing events can be watched live on your mobile device through the Win Place Show Mobile App. The app allows users to follow their numbers and track their horses and winnings.

If you’re wondering how profitable it is to play Win Place Show it is estimated that the game returns 50% of all profits to the lottery. This is substantially better than instant scratch off tickets which generally net anywhere between 60-80%.

Equillottery horse racing

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Equilottery Mobile App

The Equilottery Mobile App is complete and waiting to be launched in July of 2019, giving users access to the Win Place Show lottery game. The App is expected to be the main source of live lottery gameplay.

Some valuable features of the Equilottery Mobile App will include:

  • A link at the bottom of every ticket that will allows users to watch live horse racing from the convenience of your mobile phone live or on replay.
  • Users may simply scan tickets to track their horses and winnings.
  • The Mobile App allows users to create player accounts and find their nearest Win Place Show lottery retailers.
  • The Mobile App will be available for both iOS and Android devices and should be available for download after July in the iTunes and Google Play stores.

Equilottery Mobile App


Equilottery Promo Code Second Chance Prizes

Another great incentive of the Win Place Show mobile game is the second chance prizes which are available. All tickets that users purchase can be entered into a second chance drawing for racing and non-racing related prizes, Some of the non-racing prizes include VIP racetrack experiences, horse ownership and gift cards at local retailers. Users will also that the opportunity to take part in the ‘Every Ticket Is A Winner’ program by taking any non-winning ticket in-person to a participating racetrack and exchanging it for a free racetrack offer. Race track offers include free admission, food/beverage items or a betting voucher.

Equilottery Review Conclusion

Equilottery is a new type of lottery game which takes random chance generated through a lottery system and applies it live sporting events such as Horse Racing. This allows users to wager on horse races with a vested interest without actually betting on certain horses. While the game leaves much up to chance, like any lottery the payouts are on the higher side and users will always have the chance to follow up on a collect winnings with the trusty Equilottery Mobile App available for use at anytime.

There is currently no Equilottery Bonus or Equilottery Promo Code in action but that is expect to change once the Win Place Show Mobile App is launched in summer of 2019. To make sure you don’t miss out on any promotional bonuses be sure to follow the Equilottery page.

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