Lottoland Promo Code 2018

If you are a huge believer in luck, we have something for you today that that could land you your next big jackpot. In this exclusive review, you will find the new Lottoland promo code 2018 that you have to reveal through clicking any of the buttons that we have set up for you on this page.

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Lottoland promo code 2018

Lottoland Jackpot

Thanks to Lottoland, several players in the UK have been turned into instant millionaires out of pure luck! You don’t need to have any skill or any kind of strategic knowledge to become a winner of the lottery games found at this gambling site. This gambling site is home to some of the biggest jackpots across the globe and everyone has an equal chance at hitting a massive lump sum. To make things easier for you, you can activate your Lottoland discount code to give you an extra advantage.

If you have never tried any Lottoland draw, you are going to find out how you can get started through some pretty simple step instructions in the next section. Before we go any further in this Lottoland review, you should be rest assured that this site is 100% safe and secure. It has an official license of operation from the Gambling Commission of UK, meaning that all its services have been vetted to guarantee fairness and randomness in the scratch card games. In case you already have an account, click any of the links here to reveal an exclusive Lottoland promo code 2018 so that you can earn some extra juicy rewards.

Lottoland Bitcoin Jackpot

Lottoland Bitcoin Jackpot

As one og the first, Lottoland has recently announced they will now offer UK players a Bitcoin jackpot as well. This jackpot is seeded up to as much as 1,000 Bitcoins, which is approximately £14.1 million if you recalculate the value into pounds.

Bitcoin is the new black within gambling and more and more online casinos have also started to include this new exciting “currency”.

The amazing thing about this new phenomenon “Bitcoins” is that the exchange rate can easily change. So even though the recent Bitcoin Jackpot is estimated as one amount, tomorrow it could be worth even more!

What is the Lottoland Discount Code?

Just in case you are wondering what the Lottoland promo code is, this is a quick overview to help you understand it much better. Basically, a bonus code is a set of numbers, letter, characters or a combination of all that is created specifically to give customers a discount for extra benefit at an online site. So, the Lottoland promotion code is essentially a code that we offer you so that you can use it exclusively at this betting site.

These discount codes are a way of encouraging online players to game more for less. With these codes, you will spend less money out of your pocket and you’ll still have an opportunity to hit the biggest jackpots available at this lotteries site. Click to reveal your unique Lottoland discount code so that you can also get an upper hand while trying your luck at the lobby.

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How to Get Started at Lottoland

Creating your account at this gambling site is easy. As long as you have an internet connection and a computer, laptop or a mobile device, you are good to go. Here’s what you need to do.

  • Click HERE and on the top right-hand corner of your screen, click on the register button.
  • Enter your personal details starting from your email address, password and full name. When it comes to your street address, you can enter the postal code and let the system detect it automatically or enter all the details manually.
  • From there click on the green ‘Create New Account’ button and you will be taken right to the lobby
  • Add your preferred payment method after logging in to your account for the first time.

Now, unlike in regular online betting sites, entering your Lottoland discount code is not done during the registration process. Here, your Lottoland bonus code should be entered just before participating in the draw. Therefore, after you click to reveal the special Lottoland promo code 2018, copy it to the empty promocode box to get your cool discount right away.

Lottoland online registration

Lottoland Cash Prizes at the Lobby

Betting at this gambling site is just like participating on lottery games without having to buy a physical lottery ticket. That’s actually the only significant difference between playing the old-fashioned lottery games and betting on Lotto at the Lottoland website. The only thing that you need to do is place a wager on the outcome of the draw and you pay the required lottery amount. After that, you just have to cross your fingers and hope that your bet comes through. You only win the lottery amount if you win the bet-a pure game of chance!

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As we speak, over 700,000 players have earned some substantial wins and through our Lottoland Promo Code, you could be the next winner! Among all the draws available at the lobby of this betting site, EuroMillions and EuroJackpot have the highest amounts of payouts for the players. Currently the special Mega Millions jackpot stands at a whopping £259 Million, an amount that will change your life forever if you are lucky enough to be the winner.

Lottoland jackpots

The other outstanding lottery at the lobby that you can take part in is the Keno 24/7 which rewards winners after every four minutes! This means that after every four minutes that you fail to place your wager, someone else walks away with £10 Million. Why would you want to be left out of such an amazing opportunity? Click any of the links that appear here and you’ll be redirected to the Lottoland website in an instant.

Apart from the lotteries that we have mentioned, some of the money spinning opportunities that you can take on at this website include:

  • Multi Keno
  • Friday Lotto
  • OZ Powerball
  • OZ Saturday Lotto
  • Sunday Lotto
  • Irish Lotto
  • World Millions

In short, there’s something for everyone at this lottery website, you just have to pick what you feel is resonates with you, reveal the Lottoland promo code 2018 from our page and bet your way to greatness!

Lottoland Promotions

Apart from our special Lottoland discount code offers, you can find more promotions that are advertised directly at the official website. After you redeem our Lottoland bonus code, make sure that you check out the promotions section which we will cover briefly below.

Lottoland PromotionLottoland Offers
Free Line BetGet a Free bet on the chosen lotto
2 for 1 Line BetsDouble the chances of winning
LottosEuroMillions, MegaMillions, PowerBall, Irish Lotto etc.
Lottoland Promo Code

Claim your £2 free bet now!

When you get to the promotions section of the Lottoland website, you will be impressed by the sheer magnitude of offers that are available! In this section, we are going to take a look at some of the offers that you should try out. That’s because with some of them, you get a chance of winning millions of pounds without actually spending a single quid of yours. Some of the best offer at Lottoland include:

  1. Refer A Friend Bonus: This is one of the most popular bonus offers that you can find at any online betting site. At Lottoland, the house offers you a free £10 bet after you refer your friend to try out the lottery games available. Want a free bet today? Create your account, fulfil the requirements and invite your friend and the free betting cash will be loaded into your account. What makes this promotion juicier is the fact that there is no limit to the number of friends you can invite. Therefore, it means you can redeem the free bet as many times as you want!
  2. For 1 line bets: with this promotion, Lottoland gives you an opportunity to get a line bets for the price of a single line bet in the MegaMillions, EuroMIllions, Lotto Irish and PowerBall lotteries. Talk about killing two birds with one stone, right?
  3. Free Line Bet: Here, Lottoland gives you a free line bet on two different lotteries. You can claim your free line bet in the MegaMillions draw, The EuroMillions or in the Irish Lotto. This is basically a chance for you to join in on the draw without having to spend your own money.
Lottoland promotions

A word of advice from us however is that before you sign up for any of the above promotions, make sure that you read the terms and conditions. That way, you can be sure that at the time of receiving your rewards, you aren’t going to be caught unawares with some unfulfilled terms.

Lottoland Review – Conclusion

Some people will say that ‘luck is when preparation meets opportunity’ and in the case of Lottoland, the only preparation you need to make is by creating your account and placing a bet. After that, you patiently wait for the outcome and you might find yourself dossing and tossing in a sea of millions! Remember to reveal our Lottoland promo code 2018 so that you can have a discount on the games that you decide to play at this betting site.

After thoroughly vetting this betting site, we are quite satisfied with their excellent services. We recommend it to anyone who is searching for an opportunity to take a chance of making millions of pounds without having to break a single sweat. In case you run into any problems while placing your bets, there is an efficient and enthusiastic customer support team ready to tend to all your needs. To get the latest updates on the best places to bet on lotteries, subscribe to our RSS feed and you’ll always be the first to know!

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